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External Providers

External Provider Guidelines 2022


Strathfield North Public School is committed to providing innovative, quality learning programs that cater to individual student needs by maintaining strong links with families and External Providers to ensure information and strategies that provide support, partnerships and best outcomes for each individual student.


Considerations for approval for therapists/External providers at Strathfield North Public School

We have a responsibility to ensure that there is compliance with legislative requirements and DoE policy.


Context of the site/class

  • Individual needs of the student and alignment with PLSP goals

  • Impact on the student and on other students in the class

  • Risk Management and other Work, Health and Safety considerations

  • Supervision of students and service providers

  • Time

  • Resources e.g., suitable space, human resources


Child Protection legislation:

  • Working with children checks

  • Supervision

  • Reporting any issues/concerns related to child protection


Supervision and duty of care requirements:

  • Responsibility for insurance and liability


Confidentiality and Privacy concerns:

  • Requirement to adhere to DoE Code of Conduct expectations and policy guidelines


Work Health and Safety:

  • Induction

  • Emergency procedures

  • Safe work practices


Communication and Collaboration:

  • Availability of Teacher

  • What will be communicated and how and when will it occur

  • Ensuring that we can collaborate to meet the expectations of all stakeholders