Strathfield North Public School

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Telephone02 9743 2126

About our school

Strathfield North Public School has a high profile in the local community with excellent community participation across all areas of the school.

It is valued for its practical commitment to supporting all students and their families in the attainment of each child's full potential. In partnership with the community, the school provides a caring, supportive learning environment in pleasant physical surroundings, where each student is encouraged to develop a positive self-image, accept responsibility for their actions and to show respect, consideration and compassion for others. A balanced, comprehensive curriculum, catering for differences in achievement and ability, which includes academic excellence and strengths in sport, performing arts, peer support, gifted and talented activities and learning support, encourages and provides opportunities for students to achieve success in many different spheres. Extra curricular activities, within and outside school hours, provide opportunities for students to gain additional skills, interact with 'like minds' and an outlet for individual expression.

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