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Classroom Program

Strathfield North Public School Performing Arts

Classroom Performing Arts Program

Strathfield North Public School provides students with an inclusive and supportive specialist performing arts program. The school provides specialist instruction in music, drama, filmmaking and dance to support their attainment of the Creative Arts K–6 primary curriculum.

Specialist Music Program

All students at Strathfield North Public School participate in music lessons allowing students to develop their playing, singing, listening and composing independently and within a class ensemble. These lessons are taught by a music specialist and are aligned with the mandatory Creative Arts K–6 primary curriculum.

SNPS Dance Challenge

The SNPS dance challenge program provides all students with the opportunity to learn and participate in dance. Students receive quality dance instruction from an industry professional focusing on the elements of dance, fundamental movement and performance. Students consolidate their learning by performing their group dance with lighting and sound on our newly renovated school stage. 

Media Hub

Media Hub is a new initiative in the school providing a space for digital media creation and drama instruction. Students are provided with instruction in script writing, filmmaking and digital content creation to express ideas and concepts in a variety of key learning areas.