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School Dates and Times

Before and after school supervision

To assist with the care and supervision of your children please note the following:

  • School hours are from 9am to 3pm. The bell goes at 8.57am to ensure school can start on time. Students should be collected at 3pm.


  • Students late to school should be accompanied by a parent or caregiver to the front office so their arrival time can be recorded. Students are late once the classes have gone inside. Please be aware that children are required by law to attend school between our opening hours of 9 am and 3 pm.  Reasons for being repeatedly late such as "slept in "or "no parking/ too much traffic" do not have to be accepted by the school. Students should only be picked up early in exceptional circumstances.


  • Entry to the school during school hours is via the gate closest to the front office. Please close the gate as you enter and leave.


  • Students should not be in the playground before 8.30am as supervision begins at 8.30am unless attending a school supervised activity eg choir. Parents will be contacted if students are left before 8.30am. Please see list below of before and after school providers:

  • For your information the following arrangements apply:

8.30 – 8.57am  

* All students stay in designated playgrounds under the supervision of the duty teachers. K-2 under the COLA (covered area), 3-6 under the shade cloth and adjacent playground

* Recess and lunch orders taken to the canteen.

* No running games

* Only tennis balls to be used

* Only handball played 

* No hat, students must stay in the shade.

After 3.00pm

* Students to leave the school grounds as soon as they are dismissed:

* Students who have not been picked up are to go to the area outside the front office until they are collected or the teacher on duty takes them to the office.

*Students going to after school care are to go directly to their meeting areas and must remain in the care of the supervisors.

* No ball games and bikes and scooters are to be walked out of the school. Helmets should be worn by bike riders.

Parents are reminded that they are not to approach other children to discuss any issues or concerns they may have with the child or the child's family. Please speak to the class teacher or for serious issues make an appointment with Mrs Evans.

The playground is supervised from 8.30am

K-2 students play in the COLA area under the supervision of a teacher.

3-6 students play in the primary playground under the supervision of a teacher.

Recess and lunch orders are taken to the canteen.     



School and the morning session begins at 8:57am until 11am (10:30am on Fridays).

Morning Recess is between 11am - 11:30am for all students (10:30am - 11:00am on Fridays).

The middle session is between 11:30am and 1:10pm (11:00am - 1:10pm on Fridays).

Lunch is between 1:10pm - 1:50pm.

The afternoon session begins at 1:50pm until school finishes at 3:00pm.

On Fridays, PSSA teams leave at 12:00 noon.

All teams aim to return to school by 3:00pm.


Term Dates

Details of term dates and public holidays can be found online at

Additional information on Term and School Holiday dates may be found on the DET's Schools Website.